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The Fantastic Four - Four Steps for a Fabulous Face

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Pardon the alliteration, we had to. Pre-Shave, Shaving Cream, Aftershave and a daily Moisturizer are the four necessary tools in a man's skin care regimen, but they make a lousy acronym. The cruel winter of 02014 has inspired us to create a showstopper skin care set to protect and nourish the body's largest organ. We decided to make it easy on you and group together 4 of our most frequently recommended products, with a 25% discount to boot.

Here's a bit of the small dissertation we give almost daily on the phone with new wet-shaving enthusiasts looking to build their ideal grooming routine.

PRE-SHAVE OIL (Taconic): Real refinement to your shaving ritual can come into play at this stage of the game. Pre-shaves are formulated to prepare your skin for the application of your shaving cream, adding a layer of lubrication between your skin and the cutting edge of your razor blade. Most are fortified with vitamins and moisturizing elements for healthier skin. To really leave your mark on the world, consider picking a cologne to make your own so you can smell as great as you look. A subtle, signature scent defines the classic gentleman and leaves an intimate trace of intrigue behind as you pass inquisitive noses.

CONCENTRATED SHAVING CREAM (Dreadnought): The problem with drugstore cans of shaving foam is they are mostly filled with air and encourage waste. The fact is you don’t need a half-inch-thick layer of foam on your face to lubricate your skin. Instead, try something from our huge selection of luxurious shaving creams. Most come in tubs or tubes, and a little goes a long way. In fact, an almond-sized dollop placed in your hand (or the lid of the tub) and worked into a lather with your brush is enough to cover your entire face. You’ll quickly understand how much money can be saved by turning the other cheek to aerosol cans. And the thick, rich quality of cream in tubs and tubes puts the puffed-up canned foam to shame. But don’t take our word for it, try it and see for yourself.

POWER HYDRATOR AFTERSHAVE (Menaji): After splashing cold water on your freshly-shaven face, complete the process and soothe any lingering razor burn with a quality aftershave balm hand-picked from thousands on the market. Aftershave helps to moisturize and rejuvenate your skin as it becomes adjusted to your new way of shaving.

THE STANDARD MOISTURIZER (Gentlemen's Refinery): Especially in the winter and summer months, moisturizer is the key to aging gracefully. You see what sun, wind and general exposure to the elements does to all organic materials and your skin is no different. Proper moisture on the face and neck aids in cell regeneration and helps to delay the tell tale signs of age. Pay special attention to the soft areas under and around the eyes. These thin-skinned areas have no sebaceous glands which produce the skin's own oils and moisturizers, hence the appearance of wrinkles there.