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Thiers-Issard Double-Sided Short or Travel Strop w/Case (pocket for razor built in)

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$49.00 USD

The All-In-One Short or Travel Strop this model has two different leather surfaces - One intended for use with Sharpening Pastes, the second a Smooth Russian Finished Leather surface for finishing and pre-shave stropping. Made of Natural Hardwood and mahogany finished. Our Double-Sided Travel strop has a Hollowed Body to provide just the right amount of "Spring" and a smooth comfortable handle for ease of use. This Edition includes a custom-made Premium Grade Genuine Leather storage/carrying case that will prevent the embedded sharpening pastes from being rubbed off or soiling adjacent items and prevent contamination of the leather surfaces. The case also provides a storage pocket for safely and conveniently carrying your straight razor!

Available with either a Black or Brown leather travel case. Please choose from dropdown menu above.