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Thiers-Issard "Extra Wide "Double-Sided Sharpening Strop

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$33.50 USD

Requested by many Seasoned Straight Razor Users. This 3" X 11" Paddle Strop makes stropping a pleasure. When used with our Diamond Sharpening Paste this strop is all the tool you need to periodically re-sharpen your daily shavers! Made of Natural Hardwood, our Double-Sided Sharpening strop has a Hollowed Body to provide just the right amount of "Spring" to the surface and a smooth comfortable handle for ease of use. Finished in Red Mahogany. The two leather surfaces provided are intended specifically for sharpening and maintaining your razor's edge. The special roughened leather surfaces are perfect for holding the abrasive material in sharpening pastes that actually does the work of sharpening. The two leather surfaces are colored differently so that you can differentiate different grades of sharpening paste.