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Thiers Issard Le Grelot 6/8 Horn

Sold out
$249.99 USD

Size: 6/8

Steel: Vintage Carbon steel
Grind: 3/4 to Full-hollow

Le Grelot - professionally honed

The "Le Grelot" blanks were created by a competitor of Thiers Issard which stopped producing straight razors in the early 1980's. The blanks were made for companies such as Jaguar razors, Zenit - Royal Canada and the Widerstrahl (for Solingen). Thiers Issard acquired a limited volume of these finely-crafted blanks to create a new style of TI razor. The result was an elegant but simple straight edge razor with all the French charm and sophistication associated with the world-renowned Thiers-Issard name, including their signature 3/4 to full-hollow grind on the blade.

The polished, true Blonde Horn scales turn this razor into a true work of art, refined and without comparison in the blade marketplace.