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Vie-Long Horse Hair Shaving Brush - Deep Red Wood Handle

Sold out
$39.99 USD

Grade: Pure Horse Hair
Knot: 22mm
Loft: 52mm
Handle: 47mm, Hardwood
Overall Height: 99mm
Narrowest Handle Diameter: 29mm
Widest Handle Diameter: 38mm
Weight: 2.8 oz

Horsehair brushes have come a long way since their unsterilized ancestors were giving our soldiers anthrax poisoning in World War I. Modern sterilization practices combined with the humane way horse hair is collected (no harm to the horse, the hair is collected painlessly from the mane or tail - don't ask what happens to the badgers) have resulted in a type of brush that is gaining in popularity, and Vie Long brushes are the finest on the market.

They cost less than your typical badger hair brush while still offering great water retention qualities with a slightly scritchier feel (which some of us prefer). Add one to your brush rotation and you may just find yourself returning to it again and again. (Second picture shows brush in relation to one of our 3" diameter soap pucks.)