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Vulfix #406 Best Badger Shaving Brush

by Vulfix
Sold out
$55.99 USD

Grade: Best Badger
Knot: 22mm
Loft: 50mm
Overall: 103mm
Handle height: 53mm
Narrowest handle diameter: 30mm
Widest handle diameter: 37mm
Brush weight: 2.5 oz
Handle: Resin

The Vulfix #406 compares favorably to the best brushes from other makers selling for more than three times the price!

This superb brush is completely handmade using 100% Best Badger bristles. The heavy cream-colored handle is lathe-turned and polished by hand to a brilliant lustre. The excellent water-holding capacity of this quality brush means you can quickly produce a rich moist lather that will well prepare your beard for a close comfortable shave. Before buying any brush, compare the quality features of the "Old Original Vulfix" to any other brand and you'll see for yourself why it is our recommended "Best Value."

Handmade on Isle of Man, British Isles.