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Vulfix #41 Super Badger Shaving Brush

by Vulfix
Sold out
$134.99 USD

Grade: Super Badger
Knot: 30mm
Loft: 56mm
Overall: 106mm
Handle height: 50mm
Narrowest handle diameter: 25mm
Widest handle diameter:33mm
Brush weight: 1.8oz
Handle: Resin

Among the largest brushes offered and one of the most luxurious of the this line, the Vulfix #41 compares favorably to top-of-the-line brushes from other makers selling for more than three times the price of this one!

This superb brush is completely handmade using 100% Super Badger Bristles. The bristle knot is the largest you'll find anywhere. The heavy, cream-colored handle is lathe turned and polished by hand to a brilliant lustre. The exceptional water-holding capacity of this brush means you can quickly produce a rich, moist lather that will well prepare your beard for a close, comfortable shave. A very serious brush and quite a handful!

Before buying any brush, compare the quality features of the "Old Original Vulfix" to any other brand and you'll see for yourself why it is our recommended "Best Value." Quality - Durability - Lasting Value.

Handmade on Isle of Man, British Isles.