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  • Wm. Neumann & Co. Aftershaves
    July 1, 2013 Berry McWhorter

    Wm. Neumann & Co. Aftershaves

    This article takes a look at the last step in the Neumann shave collection, the aftershaves.  Wm. Neumann & Co. offers aftershaves that are available in either an alcohol-based form, or a balm.  Each kind offers their own benefits, and Neumann even offers gift sets with both included in a great-looking wooden box.

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  • Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm
    July 1, 2012 Mike Sandoval

    Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm

    Read in your best movie trailer voice: “In a World where bay rum and alcohol collide, when your aftershave is sharp and spicy. One man and one woman will embark on a journey. A new brand will rise ... A bay rum balm will emerge. Traditional wetshaving will never be the same.” [Cue intense music: Bum bum bum bummm! and fade to black]. No, this is not the next Hollywood blockbuster, but it is an exciting product to the shaving market. This article reviews the Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm.

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