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About Us

Why Wet-Shaving in the 21st Century? was established in response to the current worldwide rediscovery of and increased interest in traditional wet shaving methods and products.

Men the world over are searching for alternatives to the mass produced, commercially available, drugstore quality products that until now have been the only things available. The reasons why are as diverse as the personalities of the men, but one thing is very clear - Many are dissatisfied and want better.

For some it is the ever-increasing cost of today's modern multi-blade razor blade cartridges, for others the generally poor performance and resulting poor shave quality. Still others are looking for a way to express their individuality, enhance the shaving experience, or preserve a lost art. Whether you fall into one of these groups or have your own reasons - is what you're looking for. Our commitment is total. Our selection is the best you'll find anywhere. Our product descriptions are complete and helpful. Our Customer Service is unequaled. Our reputation is second to none.

A major difference between us and most others who sell shaving products is our expertise. The management and staff of are committed wet shavers and straight razor users and have been for over 35 years. We have personally used and evaluated every product we sell - If we wouldn't buy it ourselves we won't sell it to you.


Quality - Durability - Lasting Value

Quality - Durability - Lasting Value are all requisite elements of everything we sell and everything we do.

If you, like so many others, are considering taking up the mug and brush and stropping your own Straight Razor or returning to the classic time-tested quality of the Double Edge Safety Razor but are unsure of where or how to begin, just ask us. We're happy to share the benefit of our years of experience with our customers. We can suggest entry level products for the first-time wet shaver or recommend a more advanced razor for the more experienced. Drop us an email with your questions. We'll do our best to help you choose the right products to meet your individual needs.

At the Razors, Brushes, Mugs, Toiletries and all of the other men's grooming accessories we offer are not a sideline business - They are our Primary Business! Unlike most cutlery shops and general merchandise stores, we don't offer only a few models of razors and none of the accessories needed to properly use them. We have Everything You Need, including the advice and experience needed for you to get a close, clean, comfortable shave - from start to finish!