The Blades Grim Adjustable TTO

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This is a rare deal. Charlie Lewis is currently no longer making razors. So you do not have many opertunities to pick up one of his blades.

Dylan Farnham Customs

Up in the mountains of Idyllwild, CA, Dylan Farnham is crafting durable and masterfully created straight razors.

Thiers-Issard Damascus Straight Razor

Highly sought after, this Damascus razor provides a beautiful marbled pattern created by folding different layers of iron and steel over and over again upon itself. The end product? Strength of iron and sharpness of steel all in one blade.

BG Blades

These unique Japanese-Style blades are made by Bruce Gregory from fine pattern-welded steel. The steel is made by Tim Zowada. Tim uses O1 and L6 for his Damascus steel.