10 Piece Straight Razor Set

ON SALE FOR $59.99! Get everything you need to start straight razor shaving today.

The Grim Kamasori is Back

Wrapped in Rosewood and ready to serve up amazing shaves. The Blades Grim Kamisori symmetrical 6/8" Quarter Hollow Ground Razor. After a several year hiatus a limited run of these are back.

Dylan Farnham Customs

Up in the mountains of Idyllwild, CA, Dylan Farnham is crafting durable and masterfully created straight razors.

The Blades Grim Adjustable TTO

NOW in STOCK and ready to ship...... Adjustable Twist To Open Razor!

BG Blades

These unique Japanese-Style blades are made by Bruce Gregory from fine pattern-welded steel. The steel is made by Tim Zowada. Tim uses O1 and L6 for his Damascus steel.