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  • Wm. Neumann & Co. Aftershaves
    July 1, 2013 Berry McWhorter

    Wm. Neumann & Co. Aftershaves

    This article takes a look at the last step in the Neumann shave collection, the aftershaves.  Wm. Neumann & Co. offers aftershaves that are available in either an alcohol-based form, or a balm.  Each kind offers their own benefits, and Neumann even offers gift sets with both included in a great-looking wooden box.

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  • Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm
    July 1, 2012 Mike Sandoval

    Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm

    Read in your best movie trailer voice: “In a World where bay rum and alcohol collide, when your aftershave is sharp and spicy. One man and one woman will embark on a journey. A new brand will rise ... A bay rum balm will emerge. Traditional wetshaving will never be the same.” [Cue intense music: Bum bum bum bummm! and fade to black]. No, this is not the next Hollywood blockbuster, but it is an exciting product to the shaving market. This article reviews the Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm.

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  • Captain's Choice Bay Rum Aftershave
    January 2, 2012 Mike Sandoval

    Captain's Choice Bay Rum Aftershave

    Over the past few weeks, holiday spirit was going strong: the Christmas lights were installed, vacation days were being used, and I was frequently enjoying a robust cigar (or two) with friends and family. It was during this time that I especially enjoyed Captain’s Choice Bay Rum Aftershave, a warm and spicy aftershave perfect for cool mornings.

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  • Floid After Shave
    September 8, 2011 Mike Sandoval

    Floid After Shave

    Floïd aftershave is a brand that has been a favorite among master barbers and wetshaving enthusiasts for many years. The Floïd brand is produced in two different lines: Spanish and Italian. Both types have unique properties that actually allow the products to stand on their own.

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  • TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm
    February 13, 2011 Mike Sandoval

    TwinLuxe Soothing Face Balm

    The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards were watched by 26.5 million viewers on Sunday night. If you were fortunate enough to attend the Grammys, you would have received the official gift bag including luxury products made to impress even the highest paid celebrity. I did not attend the Grammys, but I was given the next best thing: the opportunity to try out the featured skincare and shaving products offered to music’s elite. The TwinLuxe shaving products are new to the market, but are receiving a lot of attention – and rightfully so since I was recently impressed with its shaving cream. This review now takes a closer look at the aftershave component of the TwinLuxe shaving system, the Soothing Face Balm.

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  • The Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm
    February 10, 2011 Mike Sandoval

    The Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm

    Your face takes a beating from stress, diet, and the elements, especially during the cold winter season. Using an aftershave balm helps to moisturize and heal freshly exfoliated skin that was exposed while shaving. The latest offering from the Bluebeards Revenge brand is designed to complete the ultimate shaving experience for "real men" with thick stubble. While the skull and crossbones symbol usually represents poison or treachery, The Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm bears the mark and actually helps to soothe and comfort.

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  • Pinaud Clubman Aftershave
    January 26, 2011 Mike Sandoval

    Pinaud Clubman Aftershave

    There are many scents that transport individuals to a specific time and place.  For many, a smell of something cooking might remind them of their childhood.  The smell of wet grass in the morning might remind someone of summer and baseball.  Then there is a smell of the barbershop that many cannot place their finger on, but are always searching for that masculine scent.  That smell is Pinaud Clubman.

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  • RazoRock Alum Ultimate Aftershave
    January 9, 2011 Mike Sandoval

    RazoRock Alum Ultimate Aftershave

    Potassium alum mineral salt, the potassium double sulfate of aluminum, is a unique mineral because it has antiseptic and astringent properties that are particularly useful for wet shavers.  When rubbed on wet skin, alum provides a mild stinging sensation similar to that of an alcohol-based aftershave splash and it helps to close pores and tighten the skin while also sealing any small nicks from shaving.  Prior to the invention of antibiotics, alum blocks were used regularly to prevent infections that might have occurred from nicks or cuts. While alum blocks are typically cut into square or rectangular blocks, a more innovative alum product has been designed for the traditional wet shaver, the RazoRock.

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  • Master Bay Rum Aftershave
    December 16, 2010 Mike Sandoval

    Master Bay Rum Aftershave

    For many men the subject of traditional wet shaving conjures memories of the old-school barbershops that their fathers and grandfathers visited.  These shops where men gathered to share stories while getting their hair cut were filled with the unique aromas of aftershaves, hair tonics, and talcum powder -- scents that personified what a real barbershop was all about. The signature scent of this barbershop experience was bay rum, the quintessential old-school fragrance.  This article takes a closer look at one of the most affordable and convenient bay rum aftershaves, Master Bay Rum.

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  • Proraso Aftershave Splash
    August 4, 2009 Mike Sandoval

    Proraso Aftershave Splash

    A few years ago, the Proraso brand from Italy became very well known among men starting wet shaving.  Target stores in the United States began stocking Proraso items on their shelves giving shavers easy and affordable access to decent-quality, traditional wet shaving products.  Many men who adopted the practice of traditional wet shaving tried the Proraso brand and still use it today.  Unfortunately Target no longer stocks the brand, but it is still available from many retailers of specialty shaving goods.

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