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  • The Bluebeards Revenge Corsair Shaving Brush
    January 25, 2011 Mike Sandoval

    The Bluebeards Revenge Corsair Shaving Brush

    Following the successful launch of their breakthrough shaving cream, the guys at The Shaving Shack have added an assortment of accessories to their Bluebeards Revenge product line.  After I reluctantly tested the Luxury Shaving Cream and was blown away by its performance, I was anxious to see if the other shaving products bearing the distinctive skull and crossbones logo would be equally as impressive.  This article takes a look at the Corsair Super Badger Shaving brush, the premium badger brush of the Bluebeards Revenge product range.

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  • Types of Razor Strops
    January 24, 2011 Mike Sandoval

    Types of Razor Strops

    Many people assume that a razor strop is a simple accessory, but there are dozens of options available that can make a new straight shaver's head spin. There are strops made by major companies, such as the Illinois Strop Company and Straight Razor Designs, and then there are artisan strops by craftsmen, such as Tony Miller and Ambrose. The materials are diverse and there are many types of finishes of leather and canvas that are offered. Each strop has unique characteristics that give it a feel and life of its own. 

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  • Safety Razor Aggressiveness
    January 21, 2011 Mike Sandoval

    Safety Razor Aggressiveness

    It is difficult to describe the way a razor feels when it glides across the skin, but both the feeling and performance are classified by safety razor aggressiveness. There are several factors that affect how aggressive a safety razor is and how it performs. The size of the blade gap, the amount of blade that is exposed, and the cutting angle dictated by the design of the safety razor affect the way it shaves. This article simplifies cutting head designs to quantify safety razor aggressiveness.

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  • P.160 Tipo Morbido Shaving Soap
    January 18, 2011 Mike Sandoval

    P.160 Tipo Morbido Shaving Soap

    The P. 160 brand produced two different versions of soft shaving soap, the Tipo Morbido and Tipo Duro.  Unfortunately both soaps have been discontinued, but they are still sought by wet shavers around the globe for good reason. Since picking up the P.160 Tipo Morbido, it sees rotation almost daily. It smells great, provides excellent protection, and is among the slickest soaps I have used.

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  • Side by Side: EJ DE89L and Merkur 34C
    January 11, 2011 Mike Sandoval

    Side by Side: EJ DE89L and Merkur 34C

    Two of the leading double-edge safety razors have a lot in common. First, they are both well made with respected manufacturing and quality control processes by fine European companies. Both are widely available from many shaving retailers and stockists. Finally, they are both reasonably priced so that they are attractive to new and experienced wet shavers alike. However, there are many differences between the Edwin Jagger DE89L and the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty, from the overall design style of the razors to the dimensions and assembly. This article offers a side-by-side look at these high-quality and popular safety razors.

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