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What size shaving brush should I buy?


Selecting the right brush from the endless number of sizes and handle designs available can be a difficult process. Unfortunately, there is not a straight forward answer to this question. The ideal shaving brush should be both comfortable to hold and use as well as be visually appealing to the owner. Personal preference plays a large part in deciding what size and shape of handle will be ideal as well as what diameter and loft height and shape will look and feel best. Brushes also come in a wide range of handle materials that affect the overall weight and balance as well as the ability to maintain a secure grip on the handle with wet and soapy hands during shaving. Men with large hands may prefer brushes with wider width handles because they are more comfortable to hold, while others like curvaceous handles that provide a more ergonomic feeling grip. For many wet shavers, the biggest challenge is not being able to hold and get a feel for a brush prior to purchasing because those who live outside major cities must rely on online vendors. The best option is to decide what types of brush look attractive to you based on overall appearance, quality of hair, and what fits within your budget. Then read online reviews and never hesitate to contact a reputable vendor for advice. Most reputable wet shaving vendors are always willing to help the customer determine what best fits their needs and work with you to find the brush that will give you the best functionality and help you enjoy your daily shave.


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