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What supplies do I need to start shaving with a straight razor?


A new straight shaver needs two supplies: a "shave ready" straight razor and a strop. There might be an initial sticker shock when shopping for your first straight razor, but it is a one-time purchase. Look for a razor priced anywhere from $60-150 for a beginner straight razor. You'll also need to buy a strop, which can be found on various Internet sites for $60 and up. The strop will be used to realign your blade before each shave so that it is at its optimal sharpness. It is important that your razor is honed to be "shave ready." Many shaving vendors offer this service, which is done by a professional who specializes in razors. I discourage straight shavers from taking razors to knife shops since sharpening knives is a completely different skill. Eventually if you are interested in sharpening your own razor you can purchase many different types of hones, but they are not necessary supplies for a new straight shaver.


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