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Anatomy of a straight razor...

Anatomy of a straight razor...

What's up everybody? I'm Brad, and today we're going to talk about the anatomy of a straight razor.

All right, so we all know that this is a straight razor. Let's learn about all the different parts of it. All right, so we have the toe of the blade, the heel of the blade, the spine, the cutting edge, the tang or the shank. I'll be calling it the tang, the pivot, the tail, and the scale of the straight razor. So now that we know a little bit about the anatomy of a blade, let's talk about the different profiles from blade to blade. So here are three examples of the most common types of toes on straight razors, square, round, and barber's notch. Of course, there are other styles you may come across than the three we just looked, styles such as Spanish, French, or Irish.

Another part of the blade profile are the sizes of the blade. How a straight razor is measured is from the top of the grind near the spine to the cutting edge of the blade. Here we have examples of a 5/8ths, a 6/8ths, a 7/8ths, and a 8/8ths. The way the blade is ground will determine its profile and how it shaves as well. A couple of the most common styles are full hollow, quarter hollow, and near wedge. As you can see, there are several other styles as well. We have two examples here. You'll be able to notice that the full hollow is going to be a much thinner blade versus the quarter.

The last thing we're going to talk about regarding the profile of the blade is the actual cutting edge. We have two examples here. The cutting edge of your blade can be straight or it can have a slight curve that we call a smile. All right, we learned a lot about straight razors today, including the basic anatomy, the profile of the blades, the sizes and the grinds. We're going to have a lot more videos coming. See you guys later.

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