Safety Razors

Did you know that by switching to a safety razor, you’ll not only get a better closer shave, but you’ll end up saving money in the long term? A stainless steel safety razor helps a man summon back to the days when shaving was an art form. Today’s modern man is bombarded and accustomed to cheap disposable shaving products that don’t often result in a close smooth shave, but end up leaving a man with annoying razor burn and a less than satisfactory shaving experience. Thankfully enough, the art form of shaving is coming back and being adopted by those attracted to a more classic gentlemanly lifestyle.

At, we offer a large variety of safety razors for today’s modern man and a selection of kits for those who like a convenient deal. From our selection of economically priced traditional Old World safety razors to the luxurious Occam's or King Cobra Classic, we have razors to satisfy any preference. Help make shaving an art form once again with!