Dylan Farnham Artisanal Razors & Knives

Up in the mountains of Idyllwild, CA, Dylan Farnham is crafting durable and masterfully created straight razors. Dylan Farnham straight razors are rugged and masculine in design, and are guaranteed to provide one of the best shaves you’ll ever have. Of course, some men might find it hard to want to use these beautiful razors, as they look like works of art that belong on display. 

We carry Dylan Farnham straight razors like his amazing Kamisori straight razors, his blades are true works of art that are as much a showpiece as they are an amazing shaving tool. Dylan's razors are unique in design, and unlike any other straight razors for sale you will find elsewhere. Mr. Farnham has a talent for mixing rugged functionality with pure artistic aesthetic. We’re extremely proud to offer Dylan Farnham razors at Classic Shaving, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with these incredible straight razors and knives.

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