Straight Edge Strops & Hone

Straight razor strops are a vital part of Classic Shaving. The process starts with quality  leather—(quality bridle leather is one of the best leathers for stropping)—and finishes with a softer material, like cotton. Razors should be stropped before each use and usually stropped after using before drying on a towel.

Where to find the best straight razor strops and hones is our forte. Select yours based on style, desired impact, or skill level. We will remain dedicated to finding and delivering quality leather strops to you to meet those needs. This includes our entry-level practice strop all the way up to our advanced, 3-inch American-made Strops.

Honing can be done with pastes on strops or on polishing stones.  There are different degrees of coarseness depending on the condition of the razor you are sharpening.  Read our "How To" on honing if you are unsure or e-mail or call for Information here at Classic Shaving.