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Review of the BOG MOASK Hygiene Kit

Review of the BOG MOASK Hygiene Kit

Today we're going to be showing you the contents of what you get when you order the MOASK Shaving Kit.


You are going to get this really nice rugged hygiene kit. It's custom made in America for BOG by Tactical Tailor. It's going to come with a place for your pre-shave, after shave, beard oil, and a couple of different types of pre-shave and after-shave. You're going to get a BOG shaving brush, black, and a little carrying case. The BOG Napalm Shave soap, a really great smelling, really nice, a very slick shave soap, you get a five pack of feather, double edge blades that you can use and the Shavette. That's basically what your barber uses to trim up your lines and do fades. You'll get the BOG Sentinel safety razor. These blades, these double edge blades will work in there. You're also going to get the BOG black AF straight razor. It'll come shave ready and ready for shaving. You'll also get a synthetic strop for maintaining the straight razors edge, keeping a keen edge. It's a really great travel kit. 


You can also get a little beard oil from Manner. And then the different pre-shave from Black Ops Grooming and aftershaves. This one's, you'll get Stealth and then Napalm pre-shave and after shave. So Stealth is like if you're out hunting or anything like that, you don't want scent. This is a great product for any outdoorsman. And the Napalm is just great for going out or being around the house. It's got a great scent. So that's really the products and the load out here.

I'm sure you're going to enjoy it. It's one of our, it's honestly an awesome set. It's our best set we've ever put together. Think it's going to get years of use, longevity. It's super rugged and tough. We're also doing a, we're going to be tossing on some Velcro patches for everybody and yeah, so they're all going to be different, a little bit different. And we're going to get a custom one made for it in the future, but right now you're going to get these kind of more generic custom patches. All right, thanks everybody. Take care.

Here is link to a Video Review of The BOG MOASK Hygiene Kit:

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