Safety Razor Aggressiveness

Written By BOLD Collaborator - April 08 2019


May 13 2019

A very good description of the different kind of DE safety razors.

May 13 2019

It would be nice if someone could compile a listing of available (and discontinued) safety razors with ‘blade gap’, ‘blade exposure’ and ‘blade angle’ measurements to help people choose razors fitting their needs. I know of one list, but it only features ‘blade gap’ attributes. Given the continual release of moderately innovative safety razors, it’s long out of date. (Perhaps numerous safety razor manufacturers have such lists, if only to help with future designs.) I’d mainly be very interested in finding other ‘Aggressive Safety Razor’ designs, like the super-aggressive iKon Tech, but something not as harsh. The Mühle R41 is a pussy cat compared to the iKon Tech.

Mickey Oberman
May 13 2019

Thank you for a clearly explained and pictured description of what may often be quite confusing.

May 13 2019

Thanks for this informative post. I wonder if anyone can say where a Hans Beier butterfly-style fits on the spectrum of aggressiveness. Or should I find out the hard way?

Steve Stewart
May 13 2019

I used an old Parker razor and Feather Hi-Stainless blades for years and got a nice, comfortable shave. A few months ago, I switched to an Occam and Pro-Guard blades. WOW! Even with the #2 Guard the shave was closer, but still comfortable. I switched to the #3 guard and, in my opinion, now get a great, comfortable shave. I thought the Occam might be too aggressive for my skin, but for me, it’s perfect.

Riley J McIntire
May 13 2019

It would be really nice to have some indication of aggressiveness for each razor. Both the Merkur — which I got years ago from you — and the recent Parker have been too aggressive for me.

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