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Save Money, Support Tradespeople, Conserve Resources.

How many plastic disposable razors end up in a landfill every year? How many aerosol cans? How many cheaply made products travel halfway around the globe to be used a couple of times before they wind up in your trash can? How many plastic disposable blade cartridges have you bought in your lifetime and how many more will you buy in the future and at what cost? How many times has your drugstore razor become obsolete, requiring you to buy some costly "revolutionary new shaving system" because blades for your old reliable razor are no longer available? Stop the madness! Save money and conserve precious natural resources while supporting small manufacturers and tradespeople. Buy a quality Hart Steel, Dovo or Thiers-Issard Straight Razor and an artisan-made strop. Or choose a Merkur or Progress Parker, OUR Classic Brand razors and brushes,Vulfix Badger brush and Classic Brand mugs that will last a lifetime and you'll be rewarded with a closer, less expensive and more comfortable shave than you've ever thought possible.
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