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The World Is Wet Shaving, And You Should Too

The World Is Wet Shaving, And You Should Too

For the past few years there has been a non-debatable resurgence in the traditional shaving world, with advancements in products, and the easily accessible information about benefits, the demand grows every day. When it comes to something like a safety razor, I will tell you tons of reasons that explain why every man, and woman, is capable of switching from their current shaving setup. 

You won’t miss a single thing about your disposable razors and you will be switching a better, cheaper, healthier, and environmentally friendly shave. The fact is that it’s better for your skin to use less blades, and you can’t use less than 1. By running a razor over your skin that has 5 blades, and going over one part of your face multiple times, is far too much exposure and unnecessarily beating up your face.

By switching to a double edge safety razor, you will avoid things like razor bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs.

Men are spending more and more on grooming, we are recognizing that our image is something to be upheld and proud of. The United States is a large contributor to this idea, with more and more YouTube channels, blogs, websites, and influencers consistently informing men about the benefits of grooming, and wet shaving. Also, the wet shaving market for women is growing as well, with the average woman spending roughly $10,000 in her lifetime on shaving products, and 11% of women shaving daily, they are realizing that they can reap the benefits from wet shaving as well. Benefits such as cost savings and skin health, the market for women is only going to raise. Western Europe historically, and currently, has always been the leader as far as the percentage of wet shaving enthusiasts, but Asia is rising fast with no sign of stopping. A trend of clean shaving in the corporate environment amongst the younger generation is helping the men’s grooming market grow 8% per year with projections to hit $11.5 billion dollars spent annually in 2020.

While people are enjoying being clean shaven, for me it’s all about the process of getting to that point. Just like anything, the journey to get the destination should be as enjoyable as possible. Demolishing your skin to shave in 60 seconds and get out the door is not the route I will ever be taking again. There are 1,440 minutes in a day, and I’m willing to spend 10 of those on shaving and upgrading my appearance. This will make the other 1,430 minutes more enjoyable! For me it is worth it, and what draws me in even more, is the money saving.

I am not sure what your current budget is for shaving but I am sure that a safety razor will cost you less. There are so many examples you can find online about people saving up to 90% by switching to wet shaving. Imagine getting a 100 pack of Astra DE blades for 10 dollars, a HUNDRED BLADES. That is going to last you so long! So much less money than buying disposable razors every weekend at the grocery store. Now imagine cutting your costs 90% AND gaining all the benefits we talked about, if you haven’t switched yet, what the heck are you waiting for?

Also by using a safety razor you will not have to invest in a strop, for straight razor shavers a strop is a joy but if we are thinking about money, its one less thing you will have to invest in. All you need is a razor, blades, soap and a brush.

Personal grooming is important, it will provide you an advantage when it comes to your professional life and personal life. Job opportunities and relationship possibilities are both significantly connected to the way you present yourself to those around you. The time and effort put into your image will bring you positive return on your investment. Hair, nails, skin, teeth and clothing are just 5 areas to focus on when it comes to grooming. Maintaining these areas will affect the way you think, feel, act and how others will respond to you. The impact will communicate positively to you and to others, we can all continue to learn about how our appearance communicates to ourselves, and to those around us.

  • By using a single blade razor, irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs are reduced.
  • Control over the closeness of shave.
  • Cost benefit.
  • Environmental benefit.
  • By using a brush, you release trapped hairs, preventing more ingrown hairs.
  • Not just for men.
  • Shaving soap or shaving creams are more natural and higher quality for your skin.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Lathering your face with the brush also gets rids of oils, dirt and dead skin cells.
  • Luxury shaving products.
  • Enjoyable experience to look forward to.
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Joel Powell - May 13, 2019

Excellent. Absolutely loved reading and very helpful at the same time.

Frank - May 13, 2019

I’ve been wet shaving for years, using an electric razor only as a touch up between shaves, when necessary. The only thing better than a wet shave, but a badger brush and shave cream, is a professional hot towel wet shave!

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