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Using Pre-Shave Products

Using Pre-Shave Products

Using Pre-Shave Oil 

 Here is what you need to know before you use your Blade’s Grim Pre-Shave Oil. It’s necessary to test products on your skin to see how it may react. When using pre-shave oil, you may have to use more or less of it based on your skin type.  Most natural oils in your skin will react well to pre-shave oil and will help protect your skin while shaving. However, if your skin is naturally oily, adding additional oil may block pores and cause break outs. It is always a good idea to test how much you think you will need on a small area of skin before starting your shaving process. 

The purpose of using pre-shave oil is to help soften and enrich facial hair, and create a protective layer between your skin and the razor. This layer will prevent any razor burn, bumps, nicks or cuts. 

Use pre-shave oil before starting your shaving process. Pre-shave oil is especially helpful for those who have dry skin, thick hair, and sensitive skin. The oil will help soften the hair and create a smooth glide for an effortless shave. 

  1. Prepare your skin. Make sure your face is clean and moist when you apply your pre-shave oil. Using warm water will help to soften the hair even more.
  2. Applying pre-shave oil to your face. You will most likely need 3-8 drops for full coverage. Put the oil in your hands and gently rub it on your face. Your skin will absorb it quickly. You'll want to leave it looking a little shiny as this this will create the protective layer you want.
  3. Shave on! You're now ready to begin your shaving process. Build your lather and apply on top of your pre-shave oil. Your brush will not remove the oil when you apply your lather. 


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