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Why is rust on my straight razor?


If you are finding rust spots on your straight razor blades even after you dry the blades, then you should reconsider where you store your razors. If you have a small bathroom, humidity is your enemy. Even though you dry your blade, moisture from the humidity in the air will reform on the blade. It is important to dry your straight razor blades and also inside the pin area. Simply blow into it to clear out moisture; it is surprising how much water can be there. After you wipe the blade with a towel, store it outside of the bathroom, such as in a dresser drawer or on a shelf. You could consider applying an oil coating, such as camelia oil that is often used with Japanese blades for long-term storage or shipping. By storing your blades in an open area that is not humid, you will see fewer rust spots and keep your straight razors looking new.


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