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How do you get a good lather with a shaving soap?


Every shaving soap is a little different in how it lathers. Some soaps are quite hard and a slightly different technique needs to be applied. For difficult-to-lather soaps, use the Load/Hydrate Technique that breaks the process down to two steps: (1) load brush then (2) add water. First soak the brush thoroughly and shake out most of the water. This leaves the brush damp, but not loaded with water. Work the brush on the soap to get it loaded with product, even though you won't start to see creamy lather yet. At this point it will be a bit dry looking and sticky on the end of the bristles, but this allows the soap to break down into the brush. Once you've gotten a good bit of soap loaded up, dip the end of the brush tips in hot water to hydrate it more, then proceed to try to create a lather. Depending on your brush grade and the hardness of your water you may have to experiment by lightly dipping the brush into the water a few more times. However, you'll notice that the soap will quickly build into the creamy lather that you are looking for. Learn more here: Tutorial: Creating Lather with the Load/Hydrate Technique.


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