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If I use a pre-shave oil, can I use regular shaving cream from the drug store?


Shaving creams from drug stores are usually gels or foams out of aerosol cans. This type of shaving cream contains excess chemicals and numbing agents that can be very harmful to the skin. Although they are inexpensive and considered "regular cream" because of their wide availability, long-term use of these products can cause severe drying and premature aging. Men who use these products are usually easily identified by rough, irritated skin on their faces and necks, and you'll notice that there are many "bump creams" and "soothing gels" on the shelves next to them at the drug store. Pre-shave oil may give you some protection in the short term, but it won't alleviate problems you may have from using poor quality shaving creams. If you insist on purchasing at the drug store, then look for a cream that is all natural, such as Pacific Shaving Cream, Cremo Cream, or Kiss My Face. If cheap or convenient is your goal, you can still achieve both by ordering better quality products online at many reputable vendors' websites. Learn more in Pick Your Poison: Soap or Cream?


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