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What is a slant razor?

The slant razor, such as the Merkur 37C, is different from regular safety razors because of the unique design of the cutting head. Rather than the safety bar running perpendicular to the handle of the razor, the bar of the 37C bends the blade at an angle. The purpose of this design is to create a slicing action with the blade when you shave with it. This allows the edge the of the blade to cut closer and more aggressively than a standard double edge razor, making the slant razor a very popular choice among experienced wet shavers and men with very thick and coarse beards. Because the slant is known to be aggressive, it is generally considered an advanced tool for those who are already accustomed to wet shaving and should be avoided by new shavers, who have yet to become completely familiar with the use of traditional safety razors. With the correct technique and pressure the slant, paired with a quality blade such as a Feather, is capable of producing extremely close and comfortable shaves with fewer required passes. Learn more in my article, Merkur Slant Bar Heavy Duty Razor.

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