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Injector and Gem blades are at the drug store, but how can I find a razor?


Unfortunately injector razors are no longer produced despite their loyal following by many shavers. The same is true with the Gem razors, which use the single-edge blades you found at the drug store. If your timing is right, however, you can find them in antique markets and on eBay. When you purchase a vintage razor, you will have to clean and sanitize it, and some require more work than others. The razor's condition usually dictates the price, which can vary widely. Some sellers are aware of the increased popularity of traditional shaving and are asking high prices, especially for the vintage Gillette double-edge safety razors. I found a vintage Schick Injector several years back at an antique store for $5.00, so deals can be found if you are willing to shop around.


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