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The Bluebeards Revenge Luxury Shaving Cream

The Bluebeards Revenge Luxury Shaving Cream

Bluebeards Revenge Shaving CreamThe Bluebeards Revenge is a new shaving cream to the market, with an exciting marketing campaign behind it. Bluebeards slogan is that it is a shaving cream made for "real men," those with thick and tough beards that often have the most difficulties with their daily shaves. The cream is designed to provide a comfortable, skin conditioning shave, while at the same time reduce the rate of beard growth and density with an ingredient called Decelerine.

Not only are the ingredients innovative, the packaging makes Bluebeards stand out from the average shaving cream. Bluebeards Revenge comes packaged in a clear plastic 180ml tub topped with a metal lid bearing the brand's distinctive skull and crossbones logo. The outer packaging is foil-stamped with the logo against a dark blue background. Around the box are witty and endearing statements about the brand, and there is even a warning for those who are too wimpy to use a shaving cream made for real men.

The shaving cream itself is very dense, but it is easy to work with. I used the Load/Hydrate Technique with Bluebeards Revenge to create the ideal cushioning lather. An almond-sized amount immediately whipped into a thick lather with no bubbles in it. Bluebeards' lather is very dense – like marshmallow cream, the perfect lather because the richer the cream the more it protects your skin during your shave. This formulation creates the lather that all other shaving creams should aspire to create. It's the trifecta of a perfect lather: rich, thick, and protective.

With some creams that don't provide good protection, the blade can skip on your skin or make it difficult to shave against the grain, especially at the lower neck or jawline. The Bluebeards Revenge lather is very lubricating and allows the blade to glide along the skin smoothly. The richness of the cream coats the face without being too thick to clog the razor or too thin to run off. It's especially good for straight razor shaving for two reasons: (1) the thick lather creates good lubrication for the blade, and (2) the lather stays on your face without dripping off even when taking a little more time with a straight razor.

The Bluebeards Revenge is a fresh, clean scent that is very pleasant on the face. It's a traditional barbershop-style fragrance that is noticeable, but enjoyable. After the shave, the cream rinses off the face very easily leaving the skin well nourished and conditioned. This cream will be especially enjoyed by men who don't like to use aftershave or moisturizer because it won't leave the skin feeling dry.

The Final Word

First, I have to apologize to Nick for avoiding his requests to try this new shaving cream. Although I was apprehensive, I'm grateful that Nick encouraged me to try it. I can't speak to the product's claim to reducing hair growth because I haven't used it for very long; however, the product smells nice, works exceptionally well, and looks cool, too. The thick and rich lather is perfect for both double-edge and straight razor shaving. The Bluebeards Revenge is without a doubt one of the best shaving creams I have ever used.

You can purchase yours from The Shaving Shack for £14.99 (US $24.00). In your order comments, be sure to say, "Mike is not in the bum fluff brigade." Thanks.

Note: The Bluebeards Revenge line of shaving products was rebranded Dreadnought for the U.S. market.

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