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What is a good straight razor for a beginner?


Several respected manufacturers, such as Dovo and Thiers-Issard, produce quality straight razors that are commonly available. Beginners to straight shaving should purchase a new razor rather than vintage until you have experience identifying a quality razor, and it is critical that your new razor is shave ready, which means it has been professionally honed. Straight razors are priced by the grade of the steel, size/shape of the blade, and materials of the scale. For a first razor, set your budget at around $125, so that you are not out a great deal of money if you do not like straight shaving. A beginner should choose a 5/8 inch width razor, which is a size that is comfortable to hold and maneuver for most people, as you learn the basics and become more comfortable shaving with a straight. Strop your razor prior to every shave in order to keep a straight edge, and store your razor in an area free from humidity and moisture. For more on straight shaving, see Shaving with a Straight Razor.


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