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Is a heavier razor better than a lighter one?


A great shave can be achieved by both heavy and lighter razors and it becomes mostly a choice of personal taste. Some people prefer a heavier safety razor and they let the weight do the work for them to keep extra pressure off the skin, while others prefer a lighter razor to have a little bit more control. A lighter razor is sometimes easier to manuever on tough spots, such as around the jaw line, while a heavier razor can feel sluggish in the fine turns and harder to fit under the noses of some. No matter which you prefer, it's best to ensure that the razor is evenly weighted. In other words, you don't want the cutting head alone to be the bulk of the weight nor the handle alone be the heaviest part. You want the razor to feel comfortable in your hand and evenly balanced despite its overall weight. For those who are new to wetshaving, the article Your First Razor offers additional tips on qualities to consider when choosing a beginner safety razor.


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