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What order should I use my blade sampler pack?


One of the best ways to determine which DE blade is best for your skin type and beard texture is to purchase a sampler pack so that you can try several different brands. Several online retailers offer sampler packs, such as the DE Multipack from Lee's Razors. Many men falsely assume the sharper blades are best, but it is possible that a blade may be too aggressive for you and cause unwanted irritation and nicks. When you receive your sampler pack, start with a mild blade, such as a Derby. These blades work well for most men and are more forgiving if you are new to traditional shaving. Next try a Merkur and see how this brand works for you. The right blade will glide smoothly over your skin and provide a close and comfortable shave. If you feel tugging or pulling, then try a Red Personna blade. If you find these blades comfortable and you want to try the sharpest blades in your sampler pack, you can step up to a Feather blade. The fine edge of the Feather benefits men with dense beards or wirey and coarse whiskers. This popular blade provides a very close shave; however, if your skin is sore or swollen, or your aftershave burns excessively after using Red Personna or Feather blades, then you know that a milder blade is a better choice for you. Learn more in the article, Choosing the Right Blade.


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