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How do you travel with a shaving brush?


For frequent travelers, transporting a shaving brush does not have to be a challenge. Several manufacturers produce models of shaving brushes that are made specifically for this purpose. Some come with travel tubes with screw on caps, while others feature turn-back handles that allow the brush head to unscrew and slide down in the barrel of the handle, where it can be safely stored when not in use. These designs prevent delicate bristles from being damaged in a shaving kit as well as allow for some air exchange to prevent mold growth if the brush is not fully dry when put away.

For those who do not want to purchase a shaving brush specific for traveling, another option is to use an alternative container to safely transport your brush. Prescription bottles distributed by most pharmacies make excellent shaving brush travel cases. If you visit your local drug store, you can usually purchase an empty bottle at the pharmacy counter for only a few dollars. With the many sizes of bottles available, you will probably find one that fits your favorite brush perfectly. Drill a small hole in the cap to allow moisture to escape or ensure that your shaving brush is thoroughly dry before storing it away.


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