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Do I have to use a Feather blade in my Feather safety razor?


Although the Feather All Stainless comes packaged with 10 Feather blades, the razor can be used with any standard double-edge blade. The Feather Company from Japan produces what most wet shavers consider to be the highest quality and sharpest double-edge razor blades available today. The Feather All Stainless safety razor is made to the same high standard of quality and marketed to complement their well-known blades.  Many men falsely believe that they need to use Feather blades to get the best shave; however, those with sensitive skin or lighter facial hair can experience issues with irritation from using blades that are too sharp. If you experience discomfort, burning, or scratching after shaving with a Feather blade, try a milder blade in your Feather All Stainless. Learn more in Choosing the Right Blade.


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