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PILS Shaving Soap

PILS Shaving Soap

PILS Shaving SoapThe soap by itself comes in a simple cardboard package, just like their razors, with PILS stamped across the outside.  The small 100g puck is made in Germany of all natural, vegetable-based ingredients like most modern shaving soaps.  The scent is subtle, powdery, and soapy.  It is a similar type of scent to Mitchell’s Wool Fat Shaving Soap, as in, it is not trying to be overly anything - just a nice pleasant scent.

The problem lies in the shaving performance and latherability of this soap.  I tried three different brushes on three different occasions and I could not get the lather to stabilize.  I tried Shaving101’s patented (just kidding) Load/Hydrate Technique as well without much success.  The lather seemed to have many micro bubbles that made an extremely airy lather vs. a thicker more protective lather.  From what I have witnessed in the shaving community, some people like that airy lather, so some readers may enjoy this soap quite a bit; however, I prefer that thicker, denser lather. It simply would not come together for me and it dried out rather quickly.

I had a lot of hope for this soap (hey, that rhymes), but it failed to deliver like PILS’s extraordinary safety razors.  However, like I said before some people may enjoy it and at $18 at Lee’s Razors it may be worth a try.


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