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How do you clean a twist-to-open razor?


Over time a twist-to-open razor can have problems with the silo doors opening and closing smoothly because this type of razor has moving parts and hinges with small crevices for soap or cream to build up. The best way to prevent this is to thoroughly rinse the razor with hot water after every shave, so that soap and debris do not build up. One of the advantages of these razors is that it is easy to open for a quick cleaning. After each shave, open the razor and remove the blade, and rinse the razor in the open position to make sure that the inside of the cutting head and inner hinge areas are thoroughly clear. If you are not changing to a fresh blade, you can simply reinsert your blade and put the razor away for your next shave. Despite routine rinsing, you will occasionally have to go a step further. Regular dish soap and a toothbrush will allow you to get into the small corners of the cutting head and break up any soap or cream residue.


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