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Can a new shaver start with Method Shaving?


Method Shaving can yield great results for any wet shaver; however, I recommend that beginners first learn the basics of traditional shaving before using the Method system. Men who are already proficient wet shavers have a much easier time incorporating Method Shaving techniques and products into their routines and get great shaves using the system. Traditional shaving is slower paced and gives you the opportunity to learn how to properly hold and cut with a safety razor and manage difficult or sensitive areas of beard growth on your face. In addition, after you have experience creating lather with traditional products, you will have a better understanding of how to create a "wet mix" using Method Shaving products. If a beginner was to jump straight to Method Shaving, he may become confused and stop wet shaving altogether. Learning traditional shaving first will give him great results and a good introduction to the basics he'll need to know for Method Shaving in the future. 


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