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Do I have to buy a brush stand?


Hanging your shaving brush on a stand is not necessary if your brush has a flat base and can balance on the handle. I have over 60 brushes in my collection and they are displayed on shelving in this way. I do have a stand that I use when my brush is wet after my shave. Many men simply place their wet shaving brush back on their shelf immediately after their shave; however, I prefer to hang my wet brush on a stand to dry throughout the day. This gives me confidence that no water is pooled in the handle and the inner core of the knot can be completely dry. In addition, gravity helps the bristles dry straight instead of the bowed shape caused by the weight of remaining water in the badger hair. Some manufacturers recommend using a stand to dry your shaving brush while others say it is not required. While buying one is an added expense that is not absolutely necessary, a stand is an attractive accessory that is useful for drying and storing your first (or 20th, or favorite, or wet) shaving brush.


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