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After shaving with a straight razor, do you need to strop it?


After finishing a shave with one of my straight razors, I always strop the razor again. This helps remove any leftover moisture on the fine cutting edge that could cause rust or corrosion. First, wipe down the scales and blade thoroughly using a dry towel or cloth. Then follow up with stropping the blade for ten or so laps. If you have a linen strop you can use it for post-shave stropping since you are only making sure any water is removed and not prepping the blade for a shave. Once the razor is completely dry, I usually leave it to air out for the remainder of the day before putting it back in its storage box or razor coffin. Obviously, leave the razor to air out on a high shelf if possible to avoid any accidental injuries if you have pets or children that might discover it while it is out. Also see "Why is rust on my straight razor?"


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