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Knize Ten Cologne

Knize Ten Cologne

Knize 10 CologneSeveral months went by and I started seeing a lot of positive comments from gents who really enjoy this cologne when worn properly.  I considered giving it a second chance since maybe I was missing out on something good.  During a trip to Enchante in downtown Austin, I finally decided to bring a bottle home.  Because of its potency, Rafael declared that I was forbidden from opening the bottle in his car. We were a hazmat convoy traveling across town.

I have to admit, when applied in the right amount this cologne really is a quality fragrance.  I really enjoy my bottle being a splash and not the atomizer.  I prefer atomizers over sprays because I get better control of where the fragrance goes and how much I'm applying.  The initial blast of scent was pretty strong, but it dried down to a really nice warm leather aroma that wore beautifully all day long.  It is certainly a unique scent, but I am really enjoying it.  While the price is rather high, a bottle of Knize Ten will last you a LONG time.

Bottom line: Respect its power, use responsibly, and enjoy!

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