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Where can I find razors locally to look at them in person?


While we prefer to get a product in our hands to hold it and examine it before making a purchase decision, traditional razors can be hard to find unless you live in a major city with specialty stores that stock them. Throughout the country are specialty retailers of shaving accessories in addition to local barber shops and national stores, such as The Art of Shaving, that stock safety razors. Several cutlery stores and knife shops have selections of safety razors as well. My first exposure to wetshaving products was at a local cigar and tobacco store. While the store specializes in cigars, pipes, and various smoking accessories, they also carry a wide range of luxury men’s gifts, including a decent selection of shaving products. The range is limited compared to a store specializing in shaving, but they have several basic safety razors and grooming products. If you are unable to find a specialty shaving store in your area, check your local Citysearch or Yelp for stores that cater to men’s gifts, and there is a good possibility that you might find a shaving line there.


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