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Shavemaster V200

After a few weeks of waiting for the new Shavemaster V200, I finally brought mine home. The brush is very well made and well worth the $145 price tag.

For a size comparison, here it is next to my Simpson H6 in Best. The H6 is quite a large brush with a slightly larger knot diameter than the Shavemaster; however, the Shavemaster's unique fan shape and handle makes the H6 look a little small.

This picture shows the Hydrolast cube and brush soaking for a test run. This brush is packed so dense it practically stands on its own in the sink. The cube I'm using is a bit small and just about ready to be replaced...

Check out the volume generated with only about 15 seconds of lathering on the cube!

Adding a bit of Hydrolast peppermint paste to the breech...

Back to the cube for a few more seconds to get a nice wet mix going. There are some air bubbles in the mix here; I would generally lather in the palm of my hand a bit more to get it more consistent. The point here is to check out the volume of wet mix created in less than 1 minute. It has a pretty impressive lathering capability.

Bloomed out shot...

All in all, this isa nice addition to my collection.


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