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Vulfix Turnback

Vulfix Turnback

Being a Simpsons collector, I was a little concerned that the Vulfix would be a bit too floppy for my taste. This brush is actually on the medium side; not nearly as floppy as some others that I have seen. So how does it lather?  Here is about 10 seconds on a puck of D.R. Harris Arlington Shaving Soap:

The performance speaks for itself.  Obviously this is not a fully peaked soap lather, but in a only few seconds, you can see how much volume this super badger can produce from a traditional hard-milled soap.  Bristle density is definitely not a concern. If you are looking for a travel brush or just a small brush in a convenient turnback format to use at home, this brush is a great choice.  For only $60.00, the Vulfix Turnback Shaving Brush is an excellent value and a quality addition to every shaving brush collection.

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