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Geo F. Trumper GFT Shaving Cream

Geo F. Trumper GFT Shaving Cream

GFT Shaving CreamThe cream is available in both tube and screw-lid pot options.  The metal tube is especially nice for shavers that travel often.  The packaging is nothing new in the category of luxury shaving creams as most manufacturers offer theirs in the same sizes and containers. 

The cream itself is very light and airy in texture compared other creams from well-known houses, such as D.R. Harris or Trueffitt & Hill.  When I put a wet brush to the cream, it lathered very easily; however, the lather significantly lacked a rich density.  The scent was really nice as it peaked up, but unfortunately the scent was the only good aspect of this product. 

The lather did not have the protective cushion suitable for shaving with a sharp blade like a Feather.  A full three-pass shave with this cream left my face feeling raw and uncomfortable.  Perhaps with a pre-shave treatment and a multi-track cartridge blade, this cream would work, but as a double edge and straight razor user, I would not recommend this cream. 

At $17 for a 75 gram tube or $35 for a 200 gram pot, there are far better creams available.


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