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Vulfix 660 Small Super

Vulfix 660 Small Super

The handles are constructed of a mold-injected hard plastic material. Visually, the handles are not as nice as the higher end lathe turned grips found on other Vulfix models; however, they are comfortable in the hand and function very well. The knot diameter and sizing decisions on the 660 are specifically geared towards the use of shaving soaps, although in my experience with the brush, it works beautifully with both soaps and traditional shaving creams. To establish a size comparison of the small size model, here it is shown alongside a Simpsons Harvard 2 and Persian Jar 1.

Having worked with some other Vulfix model brushes in the past, my experience is that they usually tend to be quite a “floppy” brush compared to those from other manufacturers. The 660 feels to have a more adequate amount of hair in the knot and has a solid backbone which is critical for its usefulness with hard shaving soaps.

To get a good idea of how well the brush actually works with soaps I’m using a D.R. Harris shaving soap, which is one of the hardest triple milled soaps available.

With only about 10 seconds worth of lathering, you can see the brush starts to quickly load up with lather.  Notice I'm not even holding the brush in the photo; it's loaded enough lather capacity to stand up on its own.  This is a very impressive capability for a smaller model shaving brush.

The Vulfix 660 generated a perfectly peaked lather from the soap with very minimal effort. The water holding capacity and density of the brush make this well suited for any soap use.

This is without a doubt a great performing brush, especially given the low price point. The handle is not of the hand-turned faux ivory variety, so while it may not be as luxurious as some of the higher end brushes, it is a solid performer at a fraction of the price. The handle material is relatively light weight, but the shape design is comfortable in the hand. The super badger hair is good quality and has a great resiliency and water holding capacity, which is critical for any shaving brush. I would without a doubt recommend the 660 line to anyone looking for a good, low-cost brush as an entry level wet shaver or as a backup brush for those times you don’t want to take your more expensive brushes out while traveling. For more information on sizes and pricing you can visit


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