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The Original "Shaving Graces" Resurrected!

Unfortunately, the original Shaving Graces that were posted on Enchante Online were thought to be lost. Many men who adopted wet shaving during this time have inquired about these essays possibly being reposted.  recently did some searching through archives and by a stroke of luck was able to recover the entire collection of Shaving Graces. With permission from Charles Roberts, I am honored to be able to repost these writings in their original and unedited entirety and share with everyone a look back in to the history of the wet shaving movement. Despite the fact that it has only been eight years since these were originally written, so much has changed with the surge of popularity that wet shaving has seen take place. Although the Roberts Method Wet Shaving fundamentals have evolved significantly, many of the basics in these essays are still applicable today for men who enjoy traditional wet shaving.

By Charles A. Roberts
The Art of the Shave: An Introduction to Men's Wet Shaving
"No one knows exactly where or how the miracle of wet shaving originated. It is generally believed that during the 18th century, certain members of the French aristocracy began cutting their beards into various shapes and configurations using hot water and a straight edge."

Essay #1
The Roberts Method of Wet Shaving: The Third Revolution in Men’s Shaving
"The standard that I use to define the perfect shave is simple: the Roberts Method of Wet Shaving produces a shave that is so good that it can not be replicated under any other set of circumstances..."

Essay #2
Wet Shaving and the Search for the Perfect Shave
"In its purest, most refined form, wet shaving ignites the motive power of the Superior Man like the power of love inspires the songs of poets."

Essay #3
The Roberts Method and the Systematics of Wet Shaving
" is impossible for the average man to accurately anticipate the comfort or quality of the shave he will experience on any given day. Now this does not mean that the quality of his shave is unpredictable...the average man knows with total certainty that his shave will be as painful and unpleasant as every other shave he has ever had."

Essay #4
Shaving Closeness Versus Comfort: The Eternal Trade Off
"The fact that millions of men resort to the ritual murder of their delicate visage every single nowhere demonstrated with such blinding clarity as in the universal acceptance of hot face shaving."

Essay #5
Don't Fear the Double Edge
"The smooth, languid action of the double edge, moreover, seemed to perfectly embody the very ethos of each new generation that adopted it: the crisp, clean-cut élan of Jay Gatsby, the understated decency of Jimmy Stewart, or the virtuous tenacity of John Wayne."

Essay #6
The Roberts Method and the Future of Wet Shaving
"...though the laws of proper shaving are known, they have not been widely—or consistently--practiced in several generations. This circumstance has reduced the art of shaving to a virtual lost art—and a very precious art to be sure."

Essay #7
The Anatomy of the Simpsons Shaving Brush
"...unlike other shaving brushes, every Simpsons is totally handmade. This fact instantly separates the intrinsic qualities of Simpsons brushes from every other available for possible consideration."

Essay #8
The World's Greatest Shaving Brush
*Coming Soon
"In much the same way that a boxer’s punching power originates in his lower torso and legs, a shaving brush releases its infusion power deep within the base of the brush itself."

Essay #9
Wet Shaving Returns to America
*Coming Soon
"The American male at mid century was invariably clean-shaven. He displayed a spotless complexion, framed by a fresh and distinctive look unlike any other we have seen since."

Essay #10
The Function of the Shaving Brush
*Coming Soon
"Most people begin to experience acute acid mantle depletion beginning in their late 20s -- often sooner. The result? -- dry, itchy skin. For shavers, it means hot face, premature aging, and 'razor grind.'"


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