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Simpsons Tulip 2 (T2) Two Band

Simpsons Tulip 2 (T2) Two Band

I currently have 7 Simpsons brushes and this was my first Tulip.  All I have to say is that Simpsons has completely stepped up their game with these brushes.  Not only are they cheaper than Rooney's Finest (2-band) brushes, but the hair feels so much more luxurious.  They have a very distinctive two-band loft with deep, dark roots and very soft, white tips.  The brush is filled very densly, but has great flow-through where the lather does not get trapped in the brush.  The hair is stiff yet very soft at the tips with a great exfoliating feel.  Perfect for hard soaps and face lathering. See for yourself:

Here is a picture before lathering (Note: this brush has been used a dozen times or so before this):

T2 Before Lathering

Dripping wet after a soak in some hot water:

T2 soaked

A few swirls on some L'Occitane Cade, things are starting to happen:

T2 lathring

Here it is ready for use:

T2 Lathered

Here it is after 1st pass, still plenty of lather for additional passes:

T2 After 1st Pass

All done! I simply cleaned and buffed the brush on a towel.  You can see that the brush hardly blooms, which means we have some stiff, resilient bristles here:

T2 Done

Once again, this brush is fantastic.  If I have the opportunity to buy other sizes in two-band badger hair I will, and I highly recommend the T2 for the soap lovers out there looking for the perfect brush!!  Way to go Vulfix, keep them coming!



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