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Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Shave Cream

Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Shave Cream

Castle Forbes also offers a shaving cream option to complete the shaving triumvirate. Like their aftershave, you get a choice of scents for your Castle Forbes cream. In this case we will be looking at the lime version of the cream, and I use the term ‘cream’ very loosely since this stuff is unlike any other cream out there.

Perhaps the main thing you will notice is just how THICK this stuff really is. It is more like a super soft soap than a cream and it has absolutely no flowing ability whatsoever. You will either have to treat it mostly like shave soap in your lathering procedure or scoop it out into a bowl with a firm tool. It will also require more water in order to lather, most likely because of the thickness once again. Not a lot of cream is needed, however, in order to make a good lather, which is a plus.

In terms of scent, it is very similar to the aftershave of the same line. The lime scent is very natural, but not overly sweet; however, I have heard others say it is ‘chemical’ or ‘pine sol’ in scent. I do not smell it that way, but your opinion may vary.

The performance is top notch. It is very cushioning and smooth without being overly heavy. The results are quite nice at the end of the shave, and the lather provides a very good amount of protection so cuts are minimized.

Like all of the Castle Forbes products the price for this one is pretty high, too. A tub (which has a lot of cream in it) runs about $35 USD from a typical online retailer, but you will get a lot of good shaves out of it.

One special note: Combining all three Castle Forbes products into a single shave produces outstanding results, specifically when combining the pre-shave and shave creams. Using both together provides a much nicer shave than combining other brands’ pre-shave/shave creams together.

In the end, I highly recommend the cream and I believe you should seek out a sample to see if the higher cost is worth it to you.

Note: The cream also comes in Lavender, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood varieties.

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