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Kent BK4 Shaving Brush

Kent BK4 Shaving Brush

Kent BK4The smallest brush of the three silvertips produced by Kent in this handle design, the BK4 has the company's iconic reproduction ivory barrel bearing the company logo, the Royal Warrant, and a "Pure Badger" insignia stamped in midnight black ink. Although the brush is stamped as "Pure Badger," it is filled with impressive quality silvertip badger hair. I was amazed at the beauty of the badger hair upon opening the red presentation box. The silvertip badger hair is simply gorgeous, but it is not knotted as densely as other brushes, such as a Rooney or Simpsons. I was disappointed that this brush was "floppy" and doubted that it would be useful for hard soaps or lathering directly on the face, as many men like to do with their brushes.

Expecting this brush to be a "nice" brush, I was very surprised when it revealed itself to be outstanding! The BK4 is one of the most versatile shaving brushes I have ever used with both hard soaps and shaving creams. The BK4 quickly produces a rich volume of lather easily suitable for a three-pass shave. When applying lather to the face, the Kent is one of the softest brushes available and the smaller size knot diameter of the BK4 does not feel "moppy" as I first assumed it would. This brush feels just right and allows the lather to flow easily through the brush and on to the face.

How does the BK4 compare to the other BK shaving brushes?
Click here to visit the size-comparison gallery: Kent BK Series.

Those who want a brush that will work well with any soap or cream, and always be soft and comfortable on the face will love this brush. Those with sensitive skin that have problems with the stiffer bristles of many other high-end brushes would also greatly benefit it as well. Overall the Kent is an outstanding example of a good-value shaving brush. The Shaving Shack in the U.K. offers a full range of Kent shaving brushes, and at a retail price of £44.99, the Kent BK4 is a great value for the quality it delivers. The comfortable feel of the handle, gorgeous and soft high-quality badger hair, and classy red presentation case all represent what a fine British shaving brush should be.

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