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How many shaves can you get from a DE blade?


Unfortunately there is no definitive answer on how many shaves you can get from a double-edged blade. Each brand of blade varies somewhat in sharpness and edge durability, and each person's hair growth varies in density and coarseness. I usually use a blade for 3 shaves before I toss it into the blade bank and load a new blade into my razor because (1) I keep several packs on hand, and (2) I want to ensure that my blade is very sharp every time. Popular blades, such as Feather and BIC, generally perform very well and can give the average person 5-7 shaves with each blade. Some men can use the same blade even longer if they don't have coarse beards that can wear the blade edge down quickly, or if they want to really stretch their dollar. Several retailers offer multipacks or blade samplers that can offer you an assortment of blades to see how different brands affect your shave. No matter which blade you choose, you'll still find the DE blades to be much more economical than cartridge razors. Learn more in Choosing the Right Blade.

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